Who Are the Participants of the Fall 2022 TILM Mentorship Program?

A lot of new connections have been formed during this fall’s mentorship program between students and professionals. To celebrate the coming conclusion of the program this month, we are releasing some of our demographic information.

Firstly, some of the fun facts.

  • The most popular first letter for participant names is J
  • 93% of the participants have LinkedIn accounts
  • 11% of the working participants are currently at FAANG companies

Our mentorship is a small slice of the localization industry as a whole, so the data below reflects the most popular fields and positions our participants work in.

As our industry is full of language-lovers, we also collected data on all the languages spoken by the participants. 39% of the participants speak more than two languages.

We hope you have enjoyed this demographic round-up and will sign up in spring for the next mentorship program!

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