I’ve learnt so much about how marketing positions are about. I’ve known that “failures” in job huntings are not failures at all. I’ve also learnt how to revise my resume.

– Manruo Lin (2nd year Student)

I got along well with my mentee.We hung out a couple of times this semester and had Thanksgiving dinner together. I was later invited to her house for dinner as well. She reached out to me for suggestions on internship searching and course selection and I am pretty happy being able to drop some knowledge and help her make the most of this master’s degree.

– Peixi Ren (2nd Year Student)

It has been so rewarding to help both students and alumni. I get a lot of joy passing on wisdom and knowledge!

– Eva Gross (Alumni ’10)

Seeing practical applications and benefits of the mentorship sessions is one of the best gifts. Result driven mentees are quite impressive!

– Alex Alyakrinsky, (Alumni ’17)

Especially since classes are moved online this year, it’s easy to feel like I’m “in it alone.” My mentor has not only been invaluable for helping with the job hunt and picking classes, she’s also been a great friend.

– Emily Cipriani, (Alumni ’22)

Through the talks with my mentor, I gained a new perspective of thinking, learning, and problem-solving for my current studying experience of the TLM program, which I think is quite helpful for my personal development.

– Anonymous, (1st year student)

My mentor helped me to gain confidence in pursuing a career goal of mine that I previously had thought was unattainable or unrealistic, in addition to valuable advice on contextualizing the material I have been learning in class to real-life contexts. I feel the TLM Mentorship Program is a invaluable resource, especially during the pandemic, due to the lack of person-to-person contact, as our mentors were at the same stage as we are only a year prior.

– Christopher Dean, (Alumni ’22)

The Mentoring program has been an incredible opportunity to learn from fresh industry talent and to reflect on my own experiences. I highly recommend getting involved if you’re looking to give back to the community and enrich your perspectives.

– Gaya Saghatelyan, (Alumni ’17)

Being a Mentor was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. During the process, you realize that what your mentees give you is more than you can give to them, because during collaboration, you thrive to be the best version of yourself, and in a humble way. That’s a practice we should do every day. The commitment that the mentees express, their willingness to learn and grow — it’s admirable to see.

– Paula Manzur, (L10n professional)